ChannelEngine was founded in the Netherlands in 2013 to grow into a leading platform for marketplace integration. The platform is widely used by E-commerce retailers, wholesalers and brands to connect their system to marketplaces, comparison sites and even dropship customers. ChannelEngine provides advanced order integration, full stock synchronization, smart pricing and business rules. This makes professional selling on multiple platforms effortless and completely compatible with your existing processes. 

Litium + ChannelEngine 

By creating a seamless integration between Litium and marketplaces, we can empower companies to automate and maximize their sales potential internationally. With the ChannelEngine add-on you can automatically import and update your product information, so you can keep your Litium PIM as the primary source. Stock and price changes are also synchronized. 

Sales are also automated, with marketplace orders automatically created in Litium. Then, when a shipment is sent, Litium can notify ChannelEngine and the marketplace with tracking information. 


  • Richard Noordervliet
    +31 6 29 64 22 24