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Increased conversion rate by 30%


The conversion rate increased by 30% after switching to Litium

Since 1923, Tibergs Möbler has offered quality designed furniture from its store in Gothenburg. Today, they work according to the same philosophy, but the internet and e-commerce have expanded the customer base to the whole of Sweden. In order to cope with the growth, two years ago they changed their platform to Litium and have since had a total revenue increase of fifteen percent. We spoke to Frida Tiberg, Marketing Manager at Tibergs Möbler, to hear more about how they use Litium. 

We have extensive experience in e-commerce, and already outgrew two previous systems before we switched to Litium. We performed a thorough review of the options on the market before we found a platform that could handle our complicated product options,” says Frida. 

A flexible platform

With the help of a configuration tool developed by Tiberg's web agency, SpotOn, customers on the new site are able to choose between such things as upholstery, type of wood or design for a piece of furniture they are interested in. This is a functionality that is not possible on many other platforms, because the options for how to present their products are limited. 

The key to Litium's flexibility is the accompanying product information management system, PIM, which can also be used to manage promotions and aftermarket information to customers. Here, all information about products is collected in one place, and can be used to apply images for campaigns or display product information across the entire site. 

Litium's ability to connect everything from business systems to campaign tools saves us a lot of time and resources. We can handle many more orders now than we previously managed with the same number of employees,” says Frida. 

A lift for the conversion

One of the most important tasks for an e-commerce platform is to convert visitors into paying customers. Here, Tibergs Möbler has seen a significant lift after its platform change. Now they put a lot of effort into keyword optimization to increase traffic to the site and procure new customers. 

Since we switched to Litium, we can see that the conversion rate on the new site has increased by more than 30 percent. This makes the process of helping more people to find the site extra fun,” says Frida. 

Litium's platform also has built-in support for developing and launching different types of campaigns. The functions make it easy to produce offers and prices, regardless of the channel. 

Our goal is that it should not matter if the customer comes to us in the store or via the web. Litium's functions for timing all campaigns make it easy to synchronize offers,” Frida continues. 

Collaboration is essential to success 

Tibergs also highlights the solid collaboration with both the web agency and the team at Litium as an explanation for their accomplishments. Since most things are possible to do, the creative dialogue that led to the site's current functions is greatly appreciated. 

SpotOn had experience in building configuration tools but were very open to our ideas and thoughts about how it should be designed,” says Frida. 

Customer managers at Litium have always been on point with their contribution of advice and tips on how to best maximize the benefits of the built-in functionality in the platform. 

No more platform changes

In Litium, Tibergs Möbler has found a platform with which it can grow. So far, they only have Swedish customers, but with Litium it is easy to grow and also expand into new markets. With the help of SpotOn, there are few limitations to what will be possible to develop in the future. 

It takes both time and effort to change platforms. Together with Litium, we see a future with great development potential that will make it possible for us to grow even more, without having to change platforms again,” concludes Frida. 



  • Since we switched to Litium, we can see that the conversion rate on the new site has increased by more than 30 percent. This makes the process of helping more people to find the site extra fun

    – Frida Tiberg, CMO


About Tibergs Möbler

The company was started in 1923 by Johan Tiberg. Since then, we've seen trends come and go. And then come again. We've seen new classics come into being and we've seen immortal designs survive decades to never go out of style.

Key words such as high quality & personal commitment were core values for Johan Tiberg when he bought clean wood furniture from local carpenters that were stained and sold in the store at Bangatan 19. These key words are the company's core values even today. The store also remains at the same address but has since been expanded and renovated to accommodate today's wide range and we have added even more values such as increased accessibility, price guarantee and much more..

However, our story does not end here. The desire to develop and see new furniture and solutions take shape is our driving force, now as then.