Helping resellers succeed with 24/7 service


Hafa needed a flexible and stable platform

The goal of being the industry's most customer-friendly, digital and modern partner, bathroom manufacturer Hafa has launched a new digital transaction and communication platform. The core of the new service is a full-fledged e-commerce platform for Hafa's B2B business. But the solution is much more than a traditional online store.

A platform for partnership and more business
- Helping our customers, the resellers of our products, succeed in their business is our highest priority. Therefore, we wanted to create a platform where they can easily and quickly find everything they need to know when they buy a bathroom from us. Every day, around the clock, explains Eva Östergren, Marketing Manager at Hafa.

In addition to complete e-commerce, the new service offers a forum for information and dialogue. Hafa's resellers can chat with customer service, take part in news updates and social feeds, download texts and images and order marketing material.

A flexible standard platform from Litium
Through Litium's completed B2B concept, Hafa gained access to proven technology and best practice knowledge in e-commerce for B2B companies, without developing everything from scratch.

- We needed a stable platform with good basic functionality that we could build on and develop unique services for our business. The advantage of Litium was all the pre-packaged functionality and knowledge that is gathered in ready-made concepts. Many of the features we needed to grow our B2B business were "out-of-the-box". A standard solution with full flexibility suited our wishes perfectly, explains Eva Östergren, CMO at Hafa.

From technology to business focus
An important success factor for the project has been to secure the internal organization's commitment to the development and change work. Through reference groups, employees from the market, sales and customer service, but also real customers, have been able to contribute ideas and input to the development of the platform.

- A new e-commerce and communication platform is business critical and cannot just be an IT project. IT has become a commercial function that works close to the business. By shifting the focus from technology to business, we can make a difference for our customers all the way to the store floor, concludes Eva Östergren.

  • We wanted to create a platform where our customers, the retailers of our products, can easily and quickly find everything they need to know when they buy a bathroom from us. Every day, 24/7.

    – Eva Östergren, CMO, Hafa


About Hafa

More than 50 years of professional pride. The Hafa story begins with furniture maker and Halmstad boy Lars Andersson. His passion for form and function grew, and soon the little carpentry workshop was too small. By 1962, production had moved to Halmstad and Falkenberg – and that’s how the company came to be named Hafa.