Litium Business Consultant Certification

Learn about Litium’s products so you can better satisfy your customers’ needs and help them meet their business objectives. We go through the concept and features in the platform, Litium Accelerator and add-ons, as well as how to conduct a Best Practice Workshop.


As a business consultant, you are a specialist in Litium’s products and best practices. Using your operational and technical experience, you analyze an organization's needs and objectives in light of best practices and the features found in Litium’s products. With an understanding of Litium’s bundles, including Litium Accelerator for example, you know when to recommend standard features rather than unnecessary technical adaptations. Being knowledgeable within product information management, digital marketing and campaign management means you can help our common customers successfully conduct their projects.


Basic knowledge in e-commerce and web technologies

Product version

Litium 7


  • Overview of Litium’s products (Litium, Litium Accelerator, Add-ons)
  • Litium Accelerator
  • Product information management (PIM)
  • Digital marketing (Litium Accelerator and Litium CMS)
  • Sales and campaigns (Litium campaign management, staggered prices, customer-based pricing and range)
  • Personalization 
  • Litium Add-ons
  • Best Practice Workshop
    • Purpose
    • Procedure


The test primarily consists of multiple-choice questions.


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